Splinter Bluguard

  • Also available in: Prescription &  Sunglasses

    Our BluGuard technology filters out harmful blue light which can lead to Digital Eye strain, circadium rhythm distruption, and may cause permanent damage to the eye. It’s not just a coating – the technology is embedded in the lens itself. In addition, we have added our premium Anti-Reflect (AR) coating to elimate the glare that aids in disrupting the eyes while you work.

  • The Splinter: Modern Simplicity. This Johnny Fly favorite embodies timeless minimal design while merging with the iconic cotton acetate frames, wooden arms, spring hinges, and polarized lensing that make them Johnny Fly.

Color | Wood | Lens
Layered Black | Ebony Wood | Blugard
Forest Green | Palm Wood | Blugard
Split Party | Ebony Blugard
Matte Black | Vine Wood
Champagne | Ebony Wood
Marble Grey | Zebrawood