About Us

Johnny Fly Co. Wing Logo

Johnny Fly was founded in 2011, with a hand full of designs and an ambitious objective: to create wearable artwork and one of a kind items that represent a unique individuality that can only be found in nature. The brand was formed from humble beginnings with a scattering of products and a passion to create something truly original.

  This passion would eventually lead to experiments with woodwork and ways to  combine this with fashion. In 2012 the Johnny Fly team crafted a little less than 100 pair of sunglasses on the dining room table, having no idea what was to come. Our
eco-fashion sunglasses quickly gained notice, soaring the brand to new heights
and spreading our passion to places we never imagined... And sunglasses were just the beginning. 
The ‚ÄúFly Factory‚ÄĚ has since released a number of different Eco-fashion innovations,¬† including our breakout line of chemical free leather . Here at the Fly Factory, we are a band of craftsmen & artists, who love what we do and live in the designs we create. We believe that whatever you choose to do with your life, you should do it with¬†passion and full commitment.

 With this in mind, we emphasize the beauty in the details. From the nature of our materials, to our unique designs, a great deal of attention is given to even the smallest decision before it is made.  On behalf of the FLY Factory, we welcome you into our world, we thank you for your support, and we would like to personally invite you to FLY with us. Prepare for takeoff...